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Super Simple Nail Designs

I paint my nails every day. Yes, you read that right…Every. Day. E’rry day, e’rry day. In my opinion, having your nails nicely manicured gives the sense of being a little more “put together.” So, yes, I do my nails nearly every day. If you plan it properly, this isn’t difficult to do. Especially if you just paint your nails a solid color. I mean that sounds simple enough, right? Here’s the problem, well here’s my problem – I get really really bored doing the same thing over and over and over. So more often than not, I don’t only paint my nails, I will do this using two or three different colors or texture and glitter coats to make SUPER SIMPLE nail designs. This keeps it interesting for me.

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What is Ipsy?

I get this question at least five times a month! “What’s an Ipsy bag?” “So what’s this Ipsy thing?” “Hey, wait…what is that Ipsy makeup thing you get?” Well…I am so glad you asked 😉.


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Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz DUPE!

Eyebrows…never leave home without ‘em 👀.  I thought I’d died and gone to heaven when I discovered Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz! Because I can never leave my house without putting on my eyebrows, and this is such a great product, I used up my first Brow Wiz in just three weeks!!! Whaaaaa?!?!?! Yes – I used it THAT much! So I ran right out and purchased another one. However, realizing that I could not keep doing this – I mean seriously, as much as I love it, spending $18 on a brow pencil every three weeks is just not an option. Thus began my quest for a dupe! And BOOYAA – I found one!

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(Current) Daily Face Cleansing Routine

Let’s be real people, not all of us can stay 24 forever; that’s just a special arrangement I made with God 😏 14 years ago. So…since none of us have the all-magical fountain of youth in our backyards, I thought perhaps I’d share the daily routine I currently follow to keep the years visibly away.   This post is about my current face cleansing routine. This is by no means a routine with high-end products since I sincerely appreciate the convenience of having the drug store around the corner where I can easily find my scrub if I’d forgotten it on my weekly shopping trip. This is by all means a routine of convenience and a modest budget; using all drugstore products. So let’s get into it.

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